Policy and Procedure for Posting Information on This Website

  • This is the official website for First United Methodist Church, 419 N.E. First Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601.   This website is maintained by Leon Couch.
  • Only official church business will be posted.
  • To prevent scheduling conflicts, the proposed date, time and church room location must first be registered and approved by
    Brittany Boyer who maintains the church calendar.  Please contact her at FUMC, 352-372-8523 or send email
    to brittany@fumcgnv.org
  • If you have information to be posted on this website, please compose the information in a Word, a WordPerfect, or a PDF file and email it to Leon Couch as an attachment.  Please do not expect him to write it -- just send the announcement exactly as you want it to appear. Email to  webmaster@fumcgnv.org
  • For those of you who have your own web space, you may want to post the information there and send Leon the URL.  He will link it to the FUMC web page.   In this way your meeting notice and updates will be available via the FUMC web page instantly when you put it up on your web space.  If you need more information about this, contact Leon at 352-376-0108 or send email to him at webmaster@fumcgnv.org


First United Methodist Church     419 N.E. First Street    Gainesville, Florida 32601      352-372-8523