First United Methodist Church
Gainesville, FL

Chapel Organ

Chapel Organ
1965 ~ Moller-Artiste, Op. 10112 ~ II/3

Great Organ

Swell Organ

Pedal Organ



This 2-manual, 3-rank instrument was installed in the Christian Workers Chapel at First United Methodist Church, Gainesville in 1988.  The purchase and installation were the gift of Bess Thompson and her family, in memory of Lannie Thompson. The organ was purchased from its original owner, All Saints Lutheran church in  St. Petersburg, FL. in 1986. The Moller opus list indicates that the organ was actually installed at All Saints in 1966,  a year later than the date on the nameplate. Professors Bert Kinzey (AIA) and Gene Dunnam moved the organ to Gainesville in a rental truck.

The console and the pipe case (complete with swell shades) are separate units, connected by 12-ft. cable, allowing them to be located somewhat independently.  Both originally sat on the floor. However, the FUMC chapel is quite small, seating fewer than 75 people. Fitting the organ's two components into available space required full use of Bert Kinzey's long experience as a church architect and organ builder.

To keep the altar space essentially intact and avoid the loss of seats, Bert designed and built a small chamber behind the altar, housing the organ blower and main wind reservoir. The Artiste pipe case was then mounted on the chamber front above the altar, approximately 7 feet above the floor

The stops on this organ encompass 3 ranks of pipes; Diapason, Gedeckt, and Viola. The 16' Bourdon, Quint, Nazard and Flautino are all extentions of the Gedeckt. The Fifteenth and Twelfth are extensions of the Viola.*

Dedication of the organ took place in 1988, with selections played by University Organist Willis Bodine and Bert Kinzey.

* Information other than this paragraph acquired by F. Eugene (Gene) Dunnam, Ph.D


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