First United Methodist Preschool
A Heart for Children in the Heart of Downtown
Gainesville, FL



Fumpers Preschool is open all weekdays
throughout the year 7:00am - 6:00pm.

 Full day 8:00AM-5:00PM    Half Day 8:00AM-1:00PM
Early drop off 7:00am-8:00am   Extended hour 5-6pm


When your child enrolls at Fumpers, your whole family becomes part of ours!
Enrollment is still open. Take a tour today!

Full day tuition:
1 yr-old $685 a month
2 yr-old $610 a month
3 yr-old $590 a month
4 yr-old VPK only is free! Wrap around prices vary

(Waiting lists for infants)
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A great opportunity to support FUMPers and to purchase coupon books filled with discounts from local Gainesville merchants is just around the corner! Beginning on Sunday, September 11, and continuing for the following two Sundays, September 18 and 25, preschool board members will have books available for you to examine and to purchase at all three services. Each coupon-packed book costs $25 with $12.50 going to the preschool. When you start using the coupons, you will find that you quickly recoup the cost of the book, making this opportunity a win-win for everybody!! For additional information contact Becky Sammons at:

          More Upcoming Events: 

          September 17,  (Saturday) ― Parents Night Out, 5:00pm

Parentsí Night Out will continue all summer long! Please join us for Parentsí Night Out on July 16, and August 20. For only $5/child we will feed them, entertain them, and babysit them while you enjoy a night off! Best deal in town! Sign-up be emailing or on the clipboard Sunday mornings. Registration is required.





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Lorin Winters, Preschool Director
352-373-0108, Cell: 352-213-0357 or

Annette Johnson, Supervisory Director
352-373-0108, Cell: 352-213-0357or

Email  or call 352-373-0108 (Cell: 352-213-0357) to arrange a tour!

The Preschool Office Phone Number is
352-373-0108 or Cell: 352-213-0357


First United Methodist Church Preschool (FUMPERS)
419 NE 1st Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601
(352) 373-0108    Cell: 352-213-0357

License No. C08AL0124

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FUMPers is known for:

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Creative and Stimulating Program that is Age Appropriate

  • Bright Cheerful Classrooms and Positive Atmosphere

  • Shady Playground with a Variety of Outdoor Play Equipment

  • Experienced and Certified Christian Staff

  • An Involved Preschool Board

  • Hands-on experiences and individualized teaching




The purpose of the First United Methodist Preschool (FUMPers) is to promote the social, emotional, intellectual, moral and physical development of young children.
We provide positive learning experiences in a loving Christian environment. We hope to enhance family life through parental involvement in our program.

FUMPers is a developmental school with emphasis on active learning. We provide many opportunities for our students to experience learning for themselves.
Children are exposed to a variety of concepts through play centered activities.

FUMPers is a Christian school that is open to children and families of all faiths. Our message is God loves us and looks after us. This idea is relayed daily and emphasized during weekly chapel services.



Full Day 8:00am to 5:00pm
Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up options are available
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Program Emphasis

Our program is exemplified by the following characteristics, which we believe are vital to
positive growth in a young child:
Developmental: Our theme based curriculum is based upon the individual needs and interests of the children. A weekly Bible Story Chapel Time is presented in age appropriate language.
Positive: Interactions and activities are utilized to develop feelings of worth and dignity.
Safe: Staffing, equipment, and space are arranged to facilitate the safety of children.
Carefully Staffed: The program is staffed with Christian preschool teachers who are appropriately trained, competent, and loving. A weekly music class is led by a trained music instructor.
Well Equipped: Indoor and outdoor equipment is challenging and developmentally appropriate.


First United Methodist Church     419 N.E. First Street    Gainesville, Florida 32601      352-372-8523