Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change to the CCB platform?
Our old platform was showing its age and was not able to provide all of the features we wanted in order to better engage with our First UMC family. 
What about Subsplash - didn't you just move to that platform and how will CCB affect that?
Yes, there have been a lot of recent platform changes here at First UMC. Subsplash and CCB perform two different functions. Subsplash supports our web site, streaming and video-on-demand services, online giving, and our mobile app. CCB is a back-end Church Management Service (ChMS) that helps us manage contact information on the congregation, the church calendar, facilities usage, and financial giving.
What about the Church Life app?
The Church Life app (and AccessACS) is tied to our old platform and we can no longer use it. 
What am I going to use instead of the Church Life app?
We are not planning on any rolling out any additional apps and currently plan for everyone to access myFirst via their mobile devices. myFirst has the same functionality as Church Life and AccessACS. You can also find contact information for other church members and our calendar via the First UMC app or our web site.
So how do I get access to myFirst?
Look here.
But I'm having problems!
If you run into any problems or have any suggestions, please drop Larry Resch a note using the form below - we want your (good and bad) feedback so we can keep improving myFirst!

Drop us a note!

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