Worship Music Archive

On Eagle’s Wings
May 15, 2022    Jennifer Miller, Lynn Sandefur-Gardner
Easter People Raise Your Voices
Apr 12, 2020    Candace Roades
Fanfare For An Angel
Apr 12, 2020    Ben Elgan
Oct 27, 2019    Chancel Choir, String Ensemble
My Lord What A Mournin
Apr 10, 2020    Candace Roades
Wayfarin Stranger
Apr 10, 2020    David Naglekirk
3 Nails
Apr 10, 2020    Magnolia Demers, Chris Demers
Lamb of God
Apr 5, 2020    Lynn Sandefur-Gardner
May 8, 2022    Carl Rocap, Janet Rocap
One Bread, One Body (audio only)
Feb 2, 2020    Chancel Choir
My Jesus, I Love Thee
May 1, 2022    Chancel Choir
All Creatures of Our God and King
May 1, 2022    Bonney Haugen
An Easter Celebration/Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Apr 17, 2022    Chancel Choir, Brass Ensemble
Forth He Came at Easter
Apr 17, 2022    Chancel Choir, Brass Ensemble
Draw The Circle Wide
Jan 26, 2020    Chancel Choir
Toccata on Kings Weston
Apr 10, 2022    Celebration Ringers
My Good Lord’s Done Been Here
Apr 10, 2022    Chancel Choir
Praise to the Lord the Almighty
Apr 10, 2022    Celebration Ringers
Up To The Mountain
Jan 19, 2020    Charles Ekbladh-Sanders
Amazing Grace
Jan 19, 2020    Chancel Choir
Climb To The Top Of The Highest Mountain
Dec 24, 2019    Chancel Choir, Instrumental Ensemble, Candace Roades
Dec 15, 2019    Chancel Choir, Celebration Ringers, Instrumental Ensemble
Tres Reyes Mambo - World Premiere
Dec 15, 2019    Chancel Choir, Instrumental Ensemble
Ancient Words
Nov 24, 2019    Chancel Choir
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